Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk 2 is Finally Confirmed for August 20

After weeks of speculations and hurdles, it was revealed that AJ would finally be able to make up for his mistakes.

Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk 2

AJ will have a new coach this time, and he will most likely employ a different plan than in his previous bout.

Anthony Joshua, 32, lost his three undisputed world championships in September 2018 after Wladimir Usyk defeated him at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

“It’s been a crazy trip attempting to capture the Heavyweight Championship of the World for the 12th time in a row,” Joshua stated before the rematch. This was stated when the second match was announced.

He had an appointment with history. If he won the title, unified his weight class, lost it, then won it again, he would be the world’s third heavyweight champion to accomplish it. We think that everybody would agree that it is a fantastic opportunity.

Fighting two battles back-to-back in the title ring has its advantages and disadvantages, but AJ prefers to improve, uses what he has learned, and progressed every day.

As stated, he has never been more content or driven than he is right now. It’s the most wonderful period of his life.

Eddie Hearn, a promoter, wrote on Twitter, “The moment has arrived! Mark this day on your calendars because it is the day the World Heavyweight Championship will be united.

Usyk and Fury were so close to battle for the undisputed championship when Tyson Fury inexplicably withdrew back then. Hence, he made it obvious the next morning that he was still retired.

In the rematch, Usyk would have faced Tyson Fury.

AJ attempted to work out a step-aside agreement that would have reimbursed him for the match he played while waiting for his next match.

Instead, Tyson Fury stopped Dillian Whyte to chat with Joshua and Usyk, who negotiated a £100 million contract with DAZN. Fury also turned in Whyte at this time.

The rematch between Usyk and AJ, which had been postponed because Usyk joined the military to protect his nation, was now jeopardized since Russian troops were seizing Ukraine.

He left Ukraine in March to begin training for his rematch with Anthony Joshua.

Eddie Hearn, who was in charge of organizing the fight, was in discussions with each of the other venues about staging a rematch.

Joshua would have to travel more than 4,000 miles to Saudi Arabia to get his revenge after losing to 32-year-old Andy Ruiz Jr. in 2019.

AJ will face Usyk for the first time after splitting from Rob McCracken, with whom he has worked for over a decade. Usyk is eager for the fight to begin.

In addition, it was discovered that Robert Garcia, a well-known US boxing coach who has taught several world champions, had miscalculated his fighter’s initial plan.

He advised us to take advantage of situations in which someone is significantly smaller than us and we are larger, heavier, and more strong.

They appeared to be heading in the right path.

Even if there was no “game plan,” the incorrect instructions may have been enough.

Anthony knew his side was correct, so he followed their instructions, even if they were incorrect.

Regardless, the upcoming bout is the chance to reclaim the thrones.

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